As a user who has not completed the setup clicking on the passbolt browser icon, I should not connect directly to the demo site

Q1. What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
When the user has a roaming firefox/google chrome profile, they sit down to a new computer (not registered with our passbolt server), see the “passbolt extension” icon, click on it, and don’t understand why when they attempt to recover their account it says they are an invalid user.

End-users simply don’t realize that they are connecting to, and it is not the same as our site.

Because there isn’t a good document for branding/customizing the passbolt login site yet (or maybe I just couldn’t find it. - Which files can I edit to add some branding/logos? Is there a document on how/where to modify this?). Would it be possible to not make the site look EXACTLY like the production/installed site, and have a obvious graphic and/or watermark that says: THIS IS A DEMO PAGE?

Q2 - Who is impacted?
Users who have not completed the setup

Q3 - Why is it important and/or urgent?
It would give team members confidence regarding their solution

Q4 - What is your proposed solution? (optional)
We should design a specific landing page to explain the status as well as options (use the demo, connect to an instance that is already installed, create one in passbolt cloud when the offer will be present, etc.).

Ref. PASSBOLT-1353

Q5. Community support
People can vote for this idea to show traction:

  • :ok_woman: Must have: this is critical for me to have this
  • :raising_hand_woman: Should have: this is important for me to have this
  • :tipping_hand_woman: Could have: this could be nice to have
  • :no_good_woman: Won’t have: we should not schedule this (explain why)

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