As an admin I can configure password reset reminders at group level or password level

Password reset prompt - enable configuration for an email notification prompt (to reset a pw) after x days and repeat every y days.

It would be good if this can be configured to work at the pw level (Remind me to reset every x days), or group level.

*This feature will help some users to meet the ISO 27001 standard for secure pw management.

Q5. Community support
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Hey @danraj welcome to the forum!

We do have a similar feature that we are planning to work on in the next few months. You can find the specs here.

Would that cover your use case?

Perfect, thanks Clayton.

Maybe also prompt the password owner via the browser plugin if they login to a service where the password is expired.

Would also be good to set an option (for each pw) that allows the continued use of expired pws.

Keep up the good work!

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