As an admin, I should be able to Import CSV files from IronVest/Blur/DNT

Import csv files from IronVest/Blur/DNT presently not supported.

Hello @n2h-git, welcome to our community :slightly_smiling_face:

We have a dedicated feature request template that you could fill for this request. I saw you also opened another post to ask for a new feature, it will be the same for both. You can also take a look if a similar feature request already exists for them!

We would be happy to see what’s the community thought on this idea. :muscle:

I wasn’t allowed to use the feature request option. Something about my n00b status

Could you provide a sample of the export from IronVest? We could take a look and see how difficult it would be to handle. Or potentially see if there is a quick way you could adjust it to work with what we expect

This is what their csv looks like when exported

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Thanks for sharing it with us.

As for the workaround, currently we do not have the option to add multiple username, so depending on your needs you’ll need to adjust the username row. (e.g. chose between the email or the username which one you’ll want to keep for each rows)

Based on CSVs format examples I feel that chromium is close to what you’ve shared so:

  1. Merge username / email rows and delete the other one
  2. Rename rows to match chromium CSV
    a. domain to url
    b. label to name
    c. if you choose to keep email, rename it to username

In the end, you’d have a CSV that look like this:

  • url,name,username,password

I know that if you have thousands of passwords, merging username and email is a bit difficult and I apologize for that, unfortunately I don’t see something else since we are not allowing multiple usernames.

Hope it helps :crossed_fingers: