As an administrator, I can conditionally share passwords

This feature request has been originally created by @AUTGlaser

Q1. What is the problem that you are trying to solve?

Certain Passwords are mission critical, so they should never be compromised. I want to protect those resources with a mandatory password, every time someone wants to show or copy it.

Q2 - Who is impacted?

Any business which wants tighter control.

Q3 - Why is it important and/or urgent?

There are scenarios where clients are unattended (either physically or with a remote session). To keep those mission critical passwords from being stolen, I want to always require the master password and/or multifactor on certain resources. So at least the most important password have additional protection.

Q4 - What is your proposed solution? (optional)

A small switch or checkbox in the editing window of the password, which can enable or disable to always require additional authentication.

Q5. Community support

People can vote for this idea to show traction:

  • :ok_woman: Must have: this is critical for me to have this
  • :raising_hand_woman: Should have: this is important for me to have this
  • :tipping_hand_woman: Could have: this could be nice to have
  • :no_good_woman: Won’t have: we should not schedule this (explain why)
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