As logged in user, I should be able to get passbolt to remember my private key password for more than 5 minutes



Q1. What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
our Passbolt users don’t like the need to enter passwords for all kind of actions, i.e.: “the need to enter a password every 5 minutes is annoying”. Can this be changed? Either disabling it or increasing the log-in time? I understand that it increases security, but many of our users find it annoying.

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Q3 - Why is it important and/or urgent?
It’s quite annoying.

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5min timeout too short - where to set it?
Option to extend "enter passphrase" or remove altogether
As a user, I would like passbolt to remember my passphrase for 5 minutes at login time
As a user after login in passbolt should by default remember my passphrase for the next 5 minutes

This is the only reason why my company didn’t switch to passbolt yet!
Can we expect this feature in one of the next releases?


@frederik Yes, check this out:


Yes, I support this!

Most passbolt users would use it “professionally”, ie at office all day. Possible rechecks between “passbolting” (is that an official word yet?) can easily take more time than 5min.


May i add that it’s annoying that when i open passbolt i need to enter my password to open the vault and then 5 seconds later again for the password for which i opened the vault.


This feature is now available on passbolt pro!


To be honest, it seems a bit forced to have this just in the pro version. But I understand that you somehow need to finance Passbolt.


I have been directed here from the link in the related rejected issue As a user after login in passbolt should by default remember my passphrase for the next 5 minutes

This feature (#43) still does not address the fact that, immediately after logging in, a user still needs to re-enter the key password to retrieve a stored password, seconds after having logged in. Is there any chance of re-opening #47 for discussion?


Hi @taikedz this feature will be available in the community edition in the next release, most likely next week.


Hello remy - thanks for response. To clarify, do you mean #43 or #47 ?


To clarify, do you mean #43 or #47 ?

Both :slight_smile:


@taikedz This feature includes a “remember me” check box on the login as follow:

This feature can be tweaked or disabled using configuration, e.g. one can select which options are available in the remember me.


fantastic - thanks :slight_smile:


This feature is available in Passbolt Community Edition v2.4.0