I have used the AWS Passbolt AMI to install passbolt in EC2.
I want to see the mariadb tables. How can i do this.

Hi @poorni, welcome to the forum!

To check on your mariadb tables you have to connect to your AWS instance through SSH and once you are there you can use your mariadb credentials as suggested on the step 1.1 of the aws ami docs

Once you are connected to your instance you can connect to your mariadb server using:

mysql -h -u <username> -p <database_name>

Note <database_name> are variables whose values are created on the first boot of the instance and are stored on the /root/.mysql_credentials file, the same as the password. They are described on the step 1.2 of the very same doc

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I am able to access

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