AWS AMI Pro subscription expire

What happens to the AWS AMI Pro instance if the Trial period is over ?

Is there a way to downgrade to CE edition without loosing data ?

Thanks !

Hi @mf89,

You will still be able to access your passwords, the only limitation will be the upgrade that will be block.
So it won’t be possible to benefit from the newest features or security patches.
As for the downgrade, you can download the backup of your data: Passbolt Help | Backing up a Passbolt package installation

Either you follow that guide but instead of you replace by on 5.1 Passbolt Help | Upgrade Passbolt from CE to Pro on Debian

Or you use the backup as mentioned before and you set up a new machine by following Passbolt Help | Using Passbolt CE AWS AMI and transfer the data on it.

Don’t forget to take a snapshot prior to the downgrade.