Binary breaks kdbx export

I noticed, that I can break the kdbx export with binary in notes or password entry.
Keepass says

Error while reading the database: XML error:
Unexpected ''.
Line 7, column 12

For example if I want to export a password with the following in the notes or password field: (Please not the hidden binary at the end, use the copy button from the preformatted text to copy it)


keepassxc cannot import it.

If I export to csv, this is the notes field in VIM:


The import from csv into keepassxc works and looks as expected:


Is this anything that could be fixed in passbolt export or a issue for keepassxc?

Best regards

Hello @lasa ,

I have tried to reproduce your issue and I’m not able to get the same output as the exported secret remain the same for both csv or kdbx.

I would like to know which version of Keepass are you using? Windows, Linux ?

I am using keepassxc on Linux.

$ keepassxc --version
KeePassXC 2.7.6

Did you copy the ^U character into the password field?

For reference my passbolt export csv:


Edit: Please not that there is a invisible character at the end of the password and notes field.