Blocking error - Could not verify server key. Failed to fetch. Possible Letsencrypt ssl certificate related

First of all thanks for such a great community software.

I’ve been using passbolt for a couple for months with my team without any issue, yet it had stop recenlty working with giving errors “Could not verify server key. Failed to fetch” on chrome and “Could not verify server key. NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.” on Firefox.

My environment hasn’t changed a bit during the time error occurs. I’ve updated passbolt to latest but error remains.

running heatlhcheck on the servers returns " No error found. Nice one sparky!" turning debug mode doesnt gives any revelant info as well.

I’ve been diggin for last two days to see what happen and the only thing that had changed is a new Lets Encrypt ssl certificate that was installed automatically by certbot.

What else could be done to fix this error ?

Hello @qunabu

Maybe it’s possible your certificate expired also it was not set to auto renew. It’s hard to know without knowing the details of the certificate or SSL error, maybe you can gather more information from the browser console or a site like

It seems to me that regenerating a new SSL certificate should do the trick.

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