Browser extension v3.0.3: session key decryption failed

Passbolt version: 2.13.5-debian
Browser extension version: 3.0.3

After browser extension was upgraded, then password decryption doesn’t working.
Here chrome console log:

Also we did data integrity validation, all went right.

Hello @mamirof thanks for posting this. Do you have any errors on the server side as well for the transaction?

Server works fine. I haven’t seen some error when i getting decrypted password. Checked this path /var/www/passbolt/logs and logs which docker conatiner share.

@mamirof Can you tell me more about the key that is being used?

Was it imported or created via the app? If imported it’s possible the specs of the key are not accepted. Do you have any details on this?

If not imported, any idea which passbolt version was in use when it was created?

The team is saying that downgrading to a previous version of the extension can get you started, and then create a new user, transfer over your passwords(Resources) to the new user and grant ownership, then delete the old user.

In Firefox you could install the extension via a file, and it appears in Chrome by turning Developer Mode on in chrome://extensions/ and load an unpacked file.

This is most likely related to: Session key decryption failed. · Issue #1126 · openpgpjs/openpgpjs · GitHub

I understood what happenned.
We are using one user with key which generated by OpenPGP.js v4.10.4 and this user put passwords through rest api to passbolt. But current extension uses OpenPGP.js v4.10.9.
So, we need to regenerate this resources (over 800k) with new user who have new key.
And this resources divided to many groups with a lot of users.
Have you any another ideas for resolve this without regenerating resources?

@mamirof An idea aside from installing a previous extension version? Attempt a rebuild in the new extension for use with the team using the parameter in openpgp.js that is noted on the link above, or special treatment of the user, and addressing whatever comes from that. But that takes you outside of what we can support and is not simpler in the long run.

What aspect of getting resources moved over to a new user presents a problem?

Hi @mamirof

We just published a new version of the browser extension (3.0.4) that fixed the error you encountered.
Can you check that your passbolt browser extension has been updated and retry the operation.

Let us know if everything works as expected

Thanks a lot! Now, it is works