Bugfix: Filter by groups shows passwords twice

If i click a group under Filter by groups , it shows me my passwords in this group… twice. once with the mark box, once without.

See. https://github.com/passbolt/passbolt_api/issues/299

Hello @pimzwager,

I’m able to reproduce this issue when using the search, e.g. when clicking on a filter before the search results are loaded. Does it happen the same way for you, while / after you are using the search? Can you describe the exact steps to reproduce?


it is also doing this if i just click passwords, and click the group name. so it’s easy to reproduce I think?

Even after a page refresh?

ohh no, after a page refresh is shows it once, and yes I did do a search earlyer…

hmmmn now after a search it shows the passwords only once…

I searched for a password, I openend the password, then I updated a password, then I clicked the filter by group…

@pimzwager i’m able to reproduce thanks. I’ll create a bug entry.

thanx! keep up the great work!

Fixed with 2.9.0
Let us know if you are still encountering this issue