Can not open passbolt portal from other devices

Hi. I have installed passbolt on Debian 9 “Strecth” following this guide “” All ok, application is working fine, i am satisfied.

Now i cannot access the web page from other pc. I have a HyperV host( Debian VM with passbolt( When i access HT// from VM it works fine. When i try to access HT:// from hyperv host it says server not found. - translates to “HT://” - Error Server not found - translates to “” - Error Server not found.

Ping from hyperv host to vm and also telnet to ports 80,443 works fine.

Please guide me what should i check and configure, thank you.

P.S. i cant insert more then 2 links, so the HT means https://

on debian vm in file /etc/hosts is a string
when i delete this string, passbolt dont open in vm.

Hi! has to be reachable from your other hosts. Seems like you are using /etc/hosts as the “DNS” method to access your passbolt instnace. That is why when deleting the line from your local /etc/hosts you can’t access your passbolt instance.

In order to access from your other nodes you should add an entry to /etc/hosts in all the nodes that require access to the passbolt instance.

Another approach would be to buy a non private domain name in any commercial domain name registrar.

Ok. i understand this.
i have added the string “” to a host.
now i get another error in firefox uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate is not trusted because it was signed by the issuer himself.

Btw, i have a vm with snipeit application. It works fine and opens in my all network with “http://license
No need to add in hosts, and other workarounds. Can i somehow make passbolt work the same way?


Regarding the certificate and from the document you used to setup passbolt:

  1. Configure https

It is recommended to use https with passbolt (and, well, pretty much everything). To setup SSL we need a certificate. Here for the sake of brevity we will create a self-signed certificate. Of course you are free to use a proper free certificate and tidy up the server supported cypher suites.

In the following steps, we’ll generate a self signed certificate and configure apache and passbolt to use https.

So basically you are using a self signed certificate, which is good for local/dev purposes. The warning from firefox is the expected behavior under these circumstances. If you want to get rid of the warning use a proper SSL certificate using, for instance, let’s encrypt.

Regarding snipeit I have no experience with it, sorry about that.

Ok, then i think the problem is solved. Thank you.

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