Can password be created to folder from extension? (Answer: not yet)

I’m using Passbolt for my team. How can I add a new passwort to a directory on a direct way?

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Hi @ProjektR Welcome to the forum!

Can you elaborate your use case a bit more? By directory, are you meaning the LDAP Pro feature? Are you looking to share a password with an LDAP group?

Hello @garrett ,

I have the same question :
With the passbolt widget installed to the web browser, how we can add a password directly to a folder we have created into passbolt ? (for sharing with the people team who have access to the folder).
Actually after we add a new password from the widget, we then have to go to passbolt server GUI to add this password to a folder, wich is not very practical.

Thank you !

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Hey @Whitehawk29FR we don’t currently have the functionality to add directly to a folder from the browser extension, but I did just create an issue for this in our internal tracking so the team will be able to look into and consider this.

Perfect thank you ! :slight_smile:

I have exact the same issue. It’s about folder in the browser widget.

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I’d like to bump this feature request. I have the same exact feature request, is there any update on this so far?

@clayton is there any update on this so far?

Is there an update on this?

This is still in our backlog, so no real change yet