Can't login in another account

Hi, i have to accounts in passbolt, the first one is the Sys Admin account, and the second one, my personal account. The thing is, when I created my personal account, now i can’t login in my Sys Admin account, becouse it is always showing the personal account email, and i can’t change it. Any solutions for switching users, or at leas being able to use my Sys Admin account again? thanks

Hello @Fran,

At the moment passbolt does not support working with multiple accounts in a user friendly way.
When you want to switch users you need to perform an account recovery (by going to Best Website Builder | Create A Website & Go Online| and following the procedure).

If you want to be able to switch more easily between passbolt account you can create user profiles using your browser. See.

We have an item in the backlog to solve your use case in the future: