Can't login on second computer


Recently setup Passbolt on my first computer which went fine. When I try to set it all up on a second computer it doesn’t work.

When clicking the Passbolt extension it brings me to this page

I have already set this up so I can’t seem to login here anywhere.

When accessing the the auth-page for the cloud hosted version I have to type my email in the box. It then asks me to verify my email account, which I already did on the other computer.

Now the page says:
“# Check your mailbox!
We send you a link to verify your email.
Check your spam folder if you do not see hear from us after a while.”

No email has been sent to me to verify anything. I can’t login to the cloud hosted version. I have successfully received emails about an hour ago when I did the initial setup. So the emails doesn’t get stuck in the trash or anything like that.

What should I do?

@ScopeTwo did you disable email notifications in the administration panel? That could be one reason why you are not receiving the email. If you didn’t change the notification settings, you can get in touch with and tell us which email you used, we can check the logs see if the email was delivered or not.