Centos 7 installation error


I have a VPS with CentOS 7. I tried to install Passbolt here with the host: passbolt.salvadorcastro.com.ar. The issue that I have is:
The package 1:mariadb-server-5.5.68-1.el7.x86_64 becomes obsolete with mysql-community-server-5.7.35-1.el7.x86_64, which is already installed Failed to execute operation: No such file or directory.

More info:
No php-intl package is available. No php-gd package is available. No php-mysql package is available. No php-pear package is available. No php-devel package is available. No php-mbstring package is available. No php-fpm package is available. No php-ldap package is available.

I hope that someone can help me.

Hi @scastro and welcome to the Passbolt community forum ! :hugs:

The provided passbolt install script in the doc guesses you are on a fresh and minimal Centos server, without anything else installed on it.

It seems you have an already installed mysql server, who is in conflicts with the one who will be installed by the passbolt install script. So you can’t use it “as-is” on your server.

I can propose some ways for you to install Passbolt:

Don’t hesitate if you have any question. :slight_smile:


Im trying to install Passbolt with this link: https://help.passbolt.com/hosting/install/ce/from-source.htm.
I dont understand how to do the first line of the first step.
/var/www$ mysql -u[user] -p[password] What I need to change?

@_jc Can you help me?

@scastro It is showing how to log into mariadb. If you only have root user, you could attempt to first be root user on your OS then do mysql -u root. Depending on your install you have to already be root to log in to mariadb as root. The commands that follow in the guide instruct regarding how to create a database.