Change IP address in email template

Hi, I Have passbolt without domain just ip address becasue I want to use my haproxy server.
And I want to change all ip address in emails template to my domain.

Can someone help me with this case? It is possible?


Hi @arek.ustasiak Welcome to the forum!

In the passbolt.php config file you will want to change the from in the Email section:

    'Email' => [
        'default' => [
            // Defines the default name and email of the sender of the emails.
            'from' => ['' => 'Passbolt'],
            //'charset' => 'utf-8',
            //'headerCharset' => 'utf-8',

@garrett thank for reply but I want to change ip address/domain name not Email

I try this but if I change address here to my domain Administration page do not work.

But you said you want to keep the ip address, and only change what appears in the email template? If so, the Email section is for that.

But, if you are wanting to no longer serve from an ip address, then you will need to explain more about what you mean about the Administration page not working.

Hello @arek.ustasiak,

Indeed the email template for the URL uses what is provided with fullBaseUrl.

If it doesn’t work when you put the real domain and it doesn’t work, we can look into that. What errors do you get when accessing the admin page when you have the real domain set?


Oops my bad! :upside_down_face:

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@remy I get empty page and this errors


Are you the owner of domain name ? It is a real domain name and doesn’t exist :thinking:


It’s not really domain just example. I want to use haproxy to solve domain but I want to put domain in email template. But it’s look when i put domain in config file passbolt try to connect using domain not ip address.

@arek.ustasiak Did you add your domain to the etc/hosts file yet? Maybe the server does not know who it is. mydomain

@garrett I have added and this same situation

@arek.ustasiak How about the NGINX configuration file, does the listener show the domain name and not the ip address?

@garrett I solve this but putting domain into fullBaseUrl and make cert on haproxy sever. Now works.