Changing Credential Ownership from database


We are using Passbolt in our organisation, and there are few credentials which we need to change the owner from one account to another. As the owner of the credential has forgot the passphrase and the lost the private key.
As that is a critical credential is there any way we could do some manipulations on the db and change the owner of the credential.

Hi @soumeet29 Welcome to the forum!

It appears I will be the bearer of the bad news.

The matter is this: another user could possibly “own” it but it wouldn’t matter because it is encrypted with the key for which the passphrase has been lost.

Assuming you are using the CE version and not Pro, and assuming the credentials mentioned were not shared with another user, there is nothing possible to do in this scenario, unfortunately.

The Pro version offers Account Recovery and if used by your organization it would address this scenario.

@garrett is correct. If the password was shared with another user you can promote the other user as owner via the database. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do so.