Cheaper Personal Edition


I want to use Passbolt at home and it’s already running on my Homeserver.
Looks like a great Software.
But many important features are missing in the community edition for example “Folders” or in later Version “Secure files & notes”.

I would pay for Passbolt, but 10€ is too much for personal usage I think.
For Business the price is ok (I also evaluate passbolt at work as a replacement for our keepass database)

So maybe you could release a Personal Edition ?

Hi @bias89,

Secure note can be achieve with encrypted description which is available in the community edition since v3. Folders will be available in the CE in the future, once more exclusive feature are released to the Pro edition.

Unfortunately we do plan to provide a “Personal Edition” at the moment. I understand that the price point may be to high for a personal usage, but our current focus for the product is to provide a password manager for businesses and organization.

Thank you for your feedback.


thanks for your response.
Then I have to wait and hope that more “Business only” Features like LDAP and Audit Log (which I don’t need at home ^^) come and that the basic features will come to the Community Edition.

Encrypted description would not be a replacement for encrypted Files, because I have several files inside my KeepassDB.
For example pictures of my passport, certificate files for the german “TAX Declaration System ELSTER”.

Maybe a Version which is limited to 1 or 2 users (but with pro features) would be an alternative :slight_smile:

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