Chrome extension - Autofill issues

I am testing out Passbolt as an option for managing passwords for my team, the first site I tested giving a username/password error when the information was correct. I went to a second internal site and noticed that even though it was filling out the username and password into the fields, but the website was not recognizing that there was anything typed in as shown by the greyed out login button. If I mouse click into each of the fields after Auto-Filling the button activates and I can log in. Anyone else have experience with a bug like this?


Hi @bhonaker Welcome to the forum! This is very interesting. Does it behave the same when pasting in a string (and not using passbolt at all)? Maybe the site doesn’t like pasting or it listens for a key up instead of a change to the field.

Hey thanks for the quick reply, I copy/pasted from notepad and it works, I also tested Passbolt on some other websites and it was working fine on them. The two culprits I have found so far are self-hosted, internal sites, which is the primary purpose for us implementing this. I tried out a couple other password managers and don’t have the issue. :frowning: I really like everything else about Passbolt so far, ease of use, nice UI, I like the Entropy rating vs the weak, strong, strongest rating.

Passbolt looks for html fields that have been tagged for autocomplete. For internal sites you could modify HTML input autocomplete Attribute


For you information, we are parsing the DOM of the page to detect corresponding fields attributes.
You can find that list here.
And even make suggestions/merge requests.


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I think I may not have communicated my issue and/or my title is misleading. Passbolt finds the appropriate fields and Autofills the username and password the issue is the website does not recognize that there has been any input and therefor does not allow login. I’ve been testing multiple solutions for my company and so far Passbolt seems to be the only one with this issue, I’m wondering what the inherent difference between how the input is handled in Passbolt versus say Bitwarden or Keeper.

@bhonaker Are you saying the fields get filled out by passbolt but when you click Submit or Login, whatever the button is, it doesn’t work?

One potential solution to the issue you are experiencing with the greyed-out login button could be to try using a different browser extension for password management. For example, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator extension for Chrome offers a password autofill feature that may work more effectively with the websites you are using. Alternatively, you could try reaching out to the support team for Passbolt to see if they have any suggestions or solutions for the issue you are experiencing.

But in this case, the fields are being properly filled. Passbolt doesn’t do autofill/autologin without user interaction. I suspect the site is adding a check for user interaction on the page or has some other page event pending user interaction.

The extension may not meet this requirement of user-interaction (theory). So clicking on the screen then meets the requirement, as @bhonaker was describing.

If I understand correctly, the Submit button would not display until manual interaction with the fields occurred. I don’t believe this is an indication of passbolt but rather the specifics of the login page. We weren’t given any page specs to know.

If @bhonaker were to click into the fields before selecting the secret from passbolt and the Submit button then showed after autofill, we would know it’s the page and not passbolt. But they never responded to our question, and also there was misunderstanding on our part.