Chrome extension become corrupted

We use Citrix XenDesktop on windows 10, and evey time a user open a new session, the Passbolt extension become corrupted in Google chrome, and we need to repair the extension in order to use it.

As we use profile management, we think that some folders used by the extension are not synchronized with the user’s profile.

Could you tell us which folders are used by this extension, and need to be kept in the user’s profile ?

Or maybe you have a workaround ?


Welcome to the forum and what you are describing regarding the extension folders - are you already saving files from the browser’s profile path?

Found with: chrome://version, look for Profile Path and then there is an Extensions folder.

Hi. I’ve noticed the seem thing with Google Chrome on Windows 10 VDIs in VMware Horizon. I believe it’s an issue with Chrome and the user data, as other extensions get corrupted i.e. Zoom as well.

I was able to restore these files in a new session and it seems to work.

From AppData\local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

  • Extensions
  • Extension Rules
  • Extension State
  • Local Extension Settings
  • Preferences
  • Secure Preferences
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