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Thanks to your help, I got email notifications working properly in my installation, which uses docker. Do you know if there is any possibility of customizing the content of the emails that are sent automatically (new user invitation, password recovery…). How should it be done?


@apalomer, you can find the content of the emails under src/Template/Email/html where they are listed by roles:

  • AN: anonymous user
  • GM: group manager
  • LU: logged in user

If you change the content of the emails, it may prevent you from upgrading in the future. The best way to maintain your own version is generally to fork the source code of passbolt (on github) and pull the latest changes from passbolt for each release and merge them with your own. You will need to learn how to use Git if you wan to do this if that’s not something you’re familiar with.

I hope this helps.

Thank you. I will most likely create a new docker image that overrides this part because I don’t want to go through the process of installing passbolt natively.

@apalomer out of curiosity what is the content that you want to adapt and why? Maybe this is something we could move to the config if enough people find this interesting.

Our passbolt installation is installed on a LAN only server (i.e. it does not have access through a public IP). We have set up a VPN to access that LAN from anywhere (the VPN pushes the routes of that lan). I want to add a comment to the notifications email remembering the users that this passbolt only works if you are either directly connected to the LAN or connected to the VPN. Specially for new users so I don’t have to manually send another e-mail explaining it.

@apalomer that makes sense. Thanks for sharing.

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