Disable Export function does not apply

Hello there,

I tried to disable the “Export” Button in the web gui via /etc/passbolt/passbolt.php, Export => enabled and changed it to false (and reloaded the nginx), but this has no effect on the Buttons.
Same with the Import function.

I am not quiet sure if this is intended and has to be disabled in a second way?
The KB says: Change it in the passbolt.php like i did.

We are using the current CE Version of Passbolt.

Thanks for help

Hi @2983hf

The FAQ you are referencing - I just tried it on my install and it seems to be working.

From what you wrote it sounds like you made it this:

'plugins' => [
    'export' => false,

But that would not be correct. It should be:

'plugins' => [
    'export' => [
        'enabled' => false,

Important to make sure you have it under the plugins section. It should work without reloading NGINX.

Hello @garrett
the description of the edited code was just from my memory.

I changed the default “true” to “false” in passbolt.php (copy of the code below):

'plugins' => [
    'import' => [
        'enabled' => true,
    'export' => [
        'enabled' => false,

The Export Button is still useable, same with Import if I change the first “true” to “false” too.


are you using docker?
if so keep in mind that everything works with environment variables: Passbolt Help | Passbolt reference environment variables


Hey @max

we installed it directly on the Ubuntu 20 server, no docker involved. :frowning:

Best regards

Did you log out log in?
The changes are taking into account at login

Hi @2983hf ,

I just setup last passbolt CE on an Ubuntu server 20.04 with the package.

I put the config at the bottom of /etc/passbolt/passbolt.php, in the passbolt section, under the ssl thing:

I saved the file, no need to reload nginx as it is just a PHP file.

After doing this, import/export buttons are unusuable: