Docker Install on Raspberry Pi

Installed onto my Raspberry Pi 4 docker server, I changed mariadb to yobasystems/alpine-mariadb.
When I start passbolt it stops almost immediately with the error:
standard_init_linux.go:228: exec user process caused: exec format error

I’m not to sure what that error means.

Hi @jcarter293 Welcome to the forum! I believe this is a docker error, saying it is not sure how to execute a file you have provided to the process…maybe something related to proper go scripting. Maybe you could post your docker-compose or Dockerfile to show what specifically you changed.

Hi @jcarter293 :wave:

This error means the docker image is not able to run on your CPU architecture. Our passbolt image is build for amd64 processors (aka Intel/AMD 64 bits) and Raspberry Pi is an ARM-based CPU.

We have a guide to setup passbolt on Raspberry using native Debian packages: Passbolt Help | Install Passbolt CE on Raspberry PI

If you still want to use docker on your raspberry, you will have to build your own image:

git clone
cd passbolt_docker
docker build -t passbolt/passbolt:latest-ce -f debian/Dockerfile .


@_jc Thanks for the tip on the error. :muscle:

Maybe we should also note the AMD64 architecture requirement on the docker help page.

Hi @garrett, yes, will create a ticket task for that.


@_jc is there plans to support multiple architectures via docker in the future?

Hi @jcarter293,

I will ask to the team and let you know. Installing from the native package is not something you can consider ?

In the meanwhile, you can try this community docker image I built and let me know if it works for you :slight_smile: Take care to choose the 3.5.0-ce-multiarch tag as there is no latest tag.


Hi @_jc thanks for the information, I will give it a try. I’ve switched most of my apps and services to docker as for me it allowed better backups and isolation and easier management then having many native apps on a single server.

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Hi @_jc
I have passbolt running now however when I go to the url for the service it redirects to http://demo-url/auth/login?redirect=%2F and loads a blank page, same thing happens when I click on administration when logged into the portal it opens a blank page http://demo-url/app/administration/email-notification.

I figured out the issue. I have a reverse proxy and I had the APP_FULL_BASE_URL with http and not https. Changing that and deleting the cookies fixed it for me.


Yes, a blank page with docker usually come from APP_FULL_BASE_URL setting.

Don’t hesitate if you have further questions.