Docker 'latest' tag gives standard or pro debian version?

I’d like to use the latest version for pro, so I get notified of updates and I can then go and check the readme before updating.

There is only one latest version tag so I am not clear if thats pro or standard.


Hi @mannp!

It automatically builds from community edition. We could add also a latest-pro tag for pro users. However, the recommendation is to not rely on latest image tags and use them more for testing envs.

Hi @diego :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for that and i had read the recommendation regarding the ‘latest’ tag, but i have it setup to notify on a change in latest and it works well for my other dockers.

The issue is, if we never get notified, then we could get behind on updates which has security implications.

Do the docker updates get published on twitter or a feed of some sort so we know they have been published?

You have set up a hook against docker hub tags?

It’s something you can tune to point to let’s say latest-pro?

I can’t say I have done it, but unraid gives me a notification when there is a new docker update unless I have it pegged to a particular version like now.

I have it set to update manually and not auto, so I can review the update before applying, but at least I kow there is one.

When its pegged I never get an update and have to keep checking github, which is prone to errors and long delays between me checking.

Either that, or nextcloud have a twitter account just for updates and they post them there, so I know immediately there are updates, that way too.

Just a thought …

Currently we have no feeds other than checking the docker hub tags I’m afraid. Our backlog is full right now (as usual :sweat_smile:) so it would be nice that you add a feature request and we will take care of it as soon as possible.
As a small and easy workaround you could watch passbolt_docker repository to get more visible notifications from github.

Ok no need for extra work, just thought a latest for pro would suffice :slight_smile:

Edit: Github watching watches for all changes and conversations, which is a bit spammy, but I’ll give it a go.


We have just pushed 2.0.4 ce and pro. I have also created a tag called ‘latest-pro’ I’m not sure if this will meet your needs.

Hey thanks @diego thats great.

I manually updated to 2.04-pro and when complete and working I changed to latest-pro and no changes were pulled, looks good :slight_smile:

Will have to wait for 2.05 to see if it does the job, but at least we have the option now and your docs can still suggest to use the manual version numbers for safety.

Glad that it works.

Yeah in the help site is already mentioned from the beginning:

“Nobody is perfect so we also provide a latest tag for Passbolt containers. However, it is recommended that users pull the tags pointing to specific passbolt versions.”

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