Download and execute the installation script issue

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– Server operating system name and version: centos-release-7-9.2009.1.el7.centos.x86_64
I guess it’s not needed I gave you information about web server, database, php and passbolt version because i’m using the Download and execute the installation script but if you need tell me.

-Firewall and selinux are disabled.

Hello everyone,

I try to install passbolt on a VM (ESXI) and I encounter an issue at the end of installation script. After many reserches i didn’t find anything.
On the website when the installation is done there is a message “installation is almost complete…” but in my case the last 2 lines on my server are:
-opening ports 80 and 443 on firewall
-FirewallD is not running

When i try to hit the web access nothing happened. No surprise because seems to be uncomplet.

So i tried to process to the instllation script with different option like the SSL setup by exemple but same result.

Have you any idea ?

I hope it’s not becuase my firewall is already disabled?


Hi @ben :wave:

I had a look at the installation script, it starts with set -euo pipefail. To be very short, it means “stop yourself as soon as an error occur.”

At the end you have the main function:

  get_options "$@"
  validate_os 'centos'
  banner 'Installing os dependencies...'
  install_packages "$(cat "$script_directory/conf/packages.txt")"

As there is an error in the setup_firewall call, the script stops before configuring nginx, entropy and the cron job :confused:

You have 2 possible solutions:

  • enable and start firewalld service on your CentOS
  • or comment/remove the setup_firewall call in the script

This script is more an helper who handle the installation from sources for you. I will give your feedback to the team about this issue.

A RPM package will be available soon for RedHat and friends and will replace this script. You can vote for your preferred RPM distro here: Poll: Which Linux distribution of the Red Hat family should we support with a native package?


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Hi @_jc

Thanks so much!
I gonna let you know if it’s working!

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