Poll: Which Linux distribution of the Red Hat family should we support with a native package?

Passbolt already provides packages for Debian and Ubuntu. We’re currently working on a RPM package. We’re interested to get your opinion: which OS and version should we target? If you had to pick only one, which one would you choose?

  • RHEL 7
  • RHEL 8
  • Centos 7
  • Centos 8
  • Centos Stream
  • Rocky Linux 8
  • OpenSuse 15
  • Fedora 34
  • Oracle Linux 8
  • Other (please tell in comments)

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Some spoilers :male_detective:regarding Passbolt RPM package. We have a prototype who can be installed on operating systems derivated from Red Hat such as CentOS, RockyLinux, Oracle Linux, AlmaLinux or Fedora.

As 8.x OS versions provide at least PHP 7.3, you will be able to install Passbolt without enabling Remi repository, who remains mandatory on 7.x OS versions as these distros don’t provide PHP 7.x.

Of course, openSUSE is not a RedHat distro :stuck_out_tongue: , but it will be possible to use a RPM package to install Passbolt on it :slight_smile:

Regarding the SELinux rules, we will also provide a package to handle them. If you are interested by this part of the RPM packaging, you can read this blog post from Lukas Vrabec, a product owner & SELinux technology evangelist at Red Hat.

Spoiler: I like the spoiler tag of this forum :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Stay tuned,

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