Native RPM packages are now available for CentOS, RHEL, AlmaLinux, OracleLinux, RockyLinux

New native RPM packages are now available for CentOS 7, RHEL 8, AlmaLinux 8, OracleLinux 8 and RockyLinux 8.

Installation guides: Passbolt Help | Installation

Bonus: a new tutorial to install Passbolt CE on a raspberry PI is available. Check it out.

Let us know below what other distro you would like to see supported in the future.

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Do these new native RPM packages for RHEL8 still require the Remi repository? This other thread hinted that it might soon be the case:

Poll: Which Linux distribution of the Red Hat family should we support with a native package?

Our company is part of a highly regulated industry, and our security policy requires us to use commercially supported software wherever possible. While I think that Remi is doing a great job with his repository, it unfortunately does not fall into that category. We had enough problems getting an exception for EPEL…

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Hi @jreut

Thank you for your feedback.

passbolt use gnupg PHP extension (PECL / Github project) and unfortunately this extension is not provided as a php package in RHEL distribution and its clones (Rocky, Alma, etc.).

There is 2 ways to install this PHP extension:

  • pecl install gnupg: This is not a RHEL trusted source and you need to install building tools such as make, gcc, etc. It is not ideal and recommended to install build tools on a production server.
  • Build a php-gnupg RPM package.

You thought first build php-gnupg RPM package ourselves, but as we used Remi’s rpm spec sources, and as he is a well known and trusted PHP maintainer in RPM world, we decided to rely on his repository for the gnupg php extension.

If you really need a php gnupg package provided by passbolt, to avoid the use of Remi’s repository, it is maybe something we can consider. You can contact us at to discuss more about that.

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