EMail configuration needs clarification, fails without username/password


I’ve succesfully installed passbolt on Docker.
I would like to share my experience with the struggle I had to set up email notifiations correctly.

Long stoy short : documentation would be much better with example values and basic usecases illustrations :slight_smile:

Long story :

I used the documentation available in this :

Some options are not well explained, namely :

  • EMAIL_TRANSPORT_DEFAULT_HOST : I happened to NEED to put ‘ssl://some-smtp-host-name’ in order to have things work. Maybe it’s just me ?

    • nowhere in the documentation did I find this ‘ssl://’ string
    • as a result the value is NOT the host, but an URL so it’s confusing
  • EMAIL_TRANSPORT_DEFAULT_URL : see above, what is this and how is it related to the smtp hostname ?


  • EMAIL_TRANSPORT_DEFAULT_TLS : does it require a ‘1’ a ‘True’ a ‘true’, or a TLS version ?

  • EMAIL_TRANSPORT_DEFAULT_CLASS_NAME : defaults to Smtp but what are the other values ?

At some point, digging into Cake PHP helped a bit,

but I would really have appreciated some ‘example values’

Maybe I should open another ticket for below remarks, but at some point I needed to use a SMTP that does not need authentication. It is a free GSuite smtp-relay that you can use provided you whitelist source IP and email domain names.

I did not manage to do that.

I used this command to debug things :

docker exec passbolt su -m -c "/var/www/passbolt/bin/cake passbolt send_test_email" -s /bin/sh www-data

it always displays a username and password line, so I don"t know if it was only displayed or set to nil or blank values or what. Anyhow, smtp always refused to work.

i tried to set ‘EMAIL_TRANSPORT_DEFAULT_USERNAME’ to something, blank string, null, not set it at all.
Same thing for password. Never made it work.
(Note that it works fine from the scanners/printers I have configured, and for any devices that send reports by email)

thanks for reading !

kind regards

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