Environment Variables question


Apologies if this isn’t the correct place for this post, as this is more of a question than an actual issue, and didn’t want to clog the threads designated for issues/feature requests. I’m currently running Passbolt via the passbolt-4.4.2-non-root-ce image on an AlmaLinux 9 host (which is running splendidly by the way) but I was reading through the documentation for Docker Secrets and it doesn’t seem to list any Docker Secret variant for the EMAIL_TRANSPORT_DEFAULT environment variables. I’d like to move to running Passbolt on Docker via Swarm mode and leverage Docker Secrets. Is there any support for those variable types with Docker Secrets?

Hey @clhouse welcome to the forum!

Right now the EMAIL_TRANSPORT_DEFAULT_* environment variables aren’t supported for this.

For these email ones you might not really benefit from using docker secrets. After you’ve gotten your passbolt up and running these will be stored encrypted in the database and then you can change them from the Administration workspace if needed.

Sounds good @clayton ! And thanks for the warm welcome and the reply!