Error: Authentication is required to continue

I have this passbolt installation in Ubuntu 20.04 VM, with no other apps installed except for the required passbolt dependencies.
Things work out for many months. But when I loggin today, it was successful, but when I copied the password, or reveal the password, this error will show:

Error: Authentication is required to continue

I can’t reveal or copy my passwords. This is a serious. I tried updating, rebooting, and restarting nginx to no avail. I was sure it was updated.

When I try to create a new user or edit a user, the error is:

CSRF token from either the request body or request headers did not match or is missing.


Thanks for the help.


The CSRF token is used in order to prevent CSRF attack. Typically it is a token that is sent via a cookie by the server, and that is sent back by the client (webextension) when performing an action.

Your error could be coming from several sources:

  • The token in your cookies is invalid. This can happen when your server configuration changed. Typically, logging out, clearing up the cookies in your web browser and logging in again would solve that.
  • The cookie is not set. There is a configuration error that prevent the cookie from being set. Typically you are switching between https and http for example.
  • The custom http headers (X-CSRF-Token) is suppressed either by a proxy, another extension running alongside, or something in between the client and server.

I hope this helps, let us know what you try, see if we can solve this with you.

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I suspect you are not getting a CSRF error on this, since this does not perform a type of action covered by CSRF. Can you tell us what happens in this case? There might be some other issues with your server. I would recommend performing a healthcheck and running the DB cleanup command as well to be sure.

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Hi remy,
Thank you. I’ve cleared of at least 4 weeks of history and it was fixed.