Error when creating OpenPGP server key in the installation wizard

HI evrery body,

I install my server during this installation i have not error. But when i configure this in my browser, in the step 3 we can create a GPG key. But when i click, he doesn’t work and i have a message ‘The data entered are not correct: The public key cannot be used to encrypt.; The private key cannot be used to decrypt. Please note that passbolt does not support GPG key protected with a secret.’

I try all but it’s not concluent

Can you help me?


Hello @thieuma,

Could you please give us more details about the browser (type and version) you are using, and copy/paste us the console output of your browser.

hi @cedric

I use firefox with version 75.0

At the moment i just open my consol and now it’s works, i don’t understand


@thieuma check if the time on the server and your machine are correct. It’s possible that one may “be in the future” from the other perspective.

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