Error while using Passbolt on Phone app


I have issue with passbolt application currently we are running on 4.1.1 i have pasted the error code

[Cake\Routing\Exception\MissingRouteException] A route matching “/password-policies/settings.json” could not be found. in /usr/share/php/passbolt/vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/Routing/RouteCollection.php on line 197

Hello @nabeel ,

I have a few question in order to have a clearer picture on the issue:

  • When did this error has been triggered? Could you explain the context?
    • It looks like this is related to password policies, a feature that has been implemented in v4.2, since you are on v4.1.1 there is most likely a conflict with the browser extension.
  • Could you share the status-report from the CLI? We have a dedicated guide for this.
  • Can you share the mobile logs from the application? You need to click on the question mark icon.
  • We recently release Passbolt v4.6, is there any reasons on your side for not updating to latest?
    • In this case, I’m really confident that if there is no database migration issues (that you can fix with cleanup), updating to latest might solve it.

could you please which version i can update to v4.6 or v4.2?will there be any data loss while updating?

Thanks for sharing useful screenshots :wink:

It looks like the issue is similar to this one, updating to latest version should fix the problem and it won’t cause any data loss. However, I share the importance of not losing data and and in order to add another layer of security regarding any data loss, it can be a good manner to always do a backup before updating.

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Thanks for the update could you please share the commands to update to new version and back up commands too

could you please confirm which version i can update?

You can follow the dedicated documentations here:

You can update to v4.6, it is safe.

Thanks for the update? we are running of debian 11.9 will there be any issue updating on this?

Debian 11 is coming with PHP7.4 by default, we are still supporting this php version however in a near future we will most likely drop the support (probably for our future major release), what I would recommend is to already migrate to a new Debian 12 server since you’d have PHP8.2 by default.

You can have a look about this procedure here

I lost my maria db credential how we can reset it?

You’ve lost the passboltadmin password but you still have access to root?

db credentials



could you please share the document to update to v4.6 .we have used aws ami!

You can update the AWS AMI instance using our dedicated documentation