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Exciting news! The website now features a comprehensive comparison page comparing Passbolt and KeePass.

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  1. Files storage is missing in comparison
    In our case it’s crucial for some departments to attach files to password records, It can be achieved with KeePass but not with Passbolt
  2. Autofill(Autotype) for non-web applications. With Kepass with a hotkey it’s possible to Autotype password to any non-web app. Passbolt - no
    2.1. Custom Autotype sequence. In Keepass you can configure for any entry Autotype sequence

Hey @xaaru,

Thanks for pointing that out.
To answers you remarks:

  1. It is plan for next year to be able to store small files associated to passwords. we will encrypt the files symmetrically on the server and store the symmetric key in the secret of the password.
  2. Yes on web extension this is not possible since we are sand-boxed in the browser. We recently released the desktop application on windows that will (next year most likely) allows us to have an SSH agent to open session and also interact with the OS to add hotkey to inject credentials in others apps and also as you said key recorded key sequences to perform actions.

Thanks a lot for the feedback Andrey!