Extension in Chrome gives errors

Hello, very strange problem with the Passbolt extension in one profile of my Chrome browser on Ubuntu laptop: it keeps throwing errors (‘externally_connectable’ specifies neither ‘matches’ nor ‘ids’, Uncaught (in promise) PassboltServiceUnavailableError: Failed to fetch,…) and logging in on passbolt gives a blank screen. I cant find any errors in logs. In the same browser, but on another profile everything keeps working ok.

I have already reinstalled the extension, restored my account, cleared caches and cookies,… multiple times but nothing works. In my other browsers (FF, Chromium,…) no problema…

Somebody more ideas?

Hello @Trogie,

Could you give us more details on this errors ?

What is the version of the API and the extension ?

What are the steps to reproduce this issue ?

Thank you

Well, my passbolt install and extension are both up-to-date: 3.8.2

No, I can only reproduce it on that one Chrome profile (the other profiles are working ok). Other users of the same passbolt instance have no issues.

Screenshot of the extension error which doesnt help a lot…

Before reproducing the error, can you:

  1. Open a new tab and go to chrome://extensions/?id=didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf
  2. Enable de develop mode (top right toggle button)
  3. Looks for the index.html link inside the inspect views
  4. A new window will open with the developer logs from the passbolt extension
  5. Go to the network tab
  6. Reproduce the error that leads to the white screen
  7. Share here any information that could help us from the network tab (error from API) and/or the console tab

Thanks a lot in advance


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Weeepaaah!! And then the login suddenly works again, no more blank screen nor extension issues! Well, looks like a glitch in the matrix…

But thanks for the explanation about the network call for extensions! Didnt know that!

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