Full Organization backup on Passbolt cloud


Not sure is this should be considered a feature request or if I missed something.

As the admin for my organization and as we’re applying for a whole buch of ISO certifications, I’m certainly going to be asked how safely our passwords are stored. As in “If your provider goes under of has a critical failure, how 'effed are you ?”

For know, all I can say is that users can manually export the passwords they have read access to, but this probably won’t cut it for certifications.

Is there a way to export all passwords stored in our Cloud instance ? Even if it means decrypting those manually with GPG with users’ private keys afterwards, having the option to get an offline copy of everything would be a immense help. The best would be of course to be able to download a backup automatically and push it in a locally hosted Passbolt instance if need be.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

From a server admin standpoint, the db has not only the encrypted passwords but also the public keys of all users so a db dump backup/export is a very practical option. It could be used to recover to a new install local or otherwise.

Yes that’s the best scenario for my needs.

Maybe we could have a GUI option as admin to download a backup of the DB ? It seems a kinda low-effort high-reward deal

We don’t have this option at the moment via the UI but this is something we can setup custom for customers that requires it. Feel free to get in touch with sales@passbolt.com to discussion options.