Getting a 404 error after adding SSL certificate

I was following NetworkChucks video and i got it installed and working on my pi before i tried to add a SSL certificate. Im already using port 80 for pihole so i changed that to port 8080 instead. Now im getting a “Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead” when entering the IP and port in my browser. When i click continue anyway i just get sent to a “404 page not found” error

Hello @Madmadz16 and welcome to the forum!
Could you provide your docker-compose to check if all is ok? Please remember to change your domain/IP and other information that could be a security risk

I will change the password and stuff a bit later when i get it working

The docker-compose seems to be ok. Have you changed the port too in the traefik.yaml?
Could you send us the logs to try to find the problem?

yes i do and i just noticed that theres something pointing to /traefik/conf/ but i dont have that, just /conf/ that headers.yaml and tls.yaml is inside and as for logs, im not sure where those are or how i would generate them