Group manager status after losing password

Hi there
My colleague (admin level) has lost his password but is also the group manager for a number of ‘groups’. Is there a way for either
a) another admin to reset his password
b) re-assign mass group ownership (15+ properties) prior to a password reset or a replacement account

Thanks all

Hi @panlogic Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about the situation.

Option a is not possible. There are no traditional user password resets in passbolt.

I’ll let someone else chime in on option b.

It’s possible in passbolt pro edition or cloud using account recovery, if you have it set up. Otherwise you need to delete the user account and recreate it. They will loose access to passwords that have not been shared.

If the deleted user was also the sole group manager of one or more groups (and/or sole owner of shared resources), the passbolt admin deleting your colleagues account will see a dialog to will promote another user of the group as group manager, and/or transfer resource ownerhips.

Shared password ownership transferfig. Shared password ownership transfer