Healthcheck failed - SSL force error - acknowledge?


we are running our passbolt as self-hosted on docker. The passbolt healthcheck is giving us this error:
[FAIL] Passbolt is not configured to force SSL use.

In our case the TLS (SSL) usage not necessary because we have Azure Applicaton Gateway as the public endpoint of the incoming connections. The Azure Application Gateway is then routing the communication within the private network.

We don’t want to create some self-hosted TLS certificates just to get rid of this error. Is there a way how to acknowledge this error so the passbolt won’t report to us that there are errors?

There is no way at the moment to mark an healthcheck error as aknowledged or ignore. I guess you can document this on your end for your colleagues to know it’s normal. Or maybe I’m missing something and you use the healthcheck in an automated fashion? Not sure what is your end goal.

I just wanted to get rid of it for my future colleagues which can spend some time trying to solve this error. Like I mentioned TLS is not needed in our case.

Thanks for the info I will think about some solution for us.

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