Heathcheck warning "The self registration provider is: Email domain safe list."

Version: 3.10.0

We enabled the self registration on the admin page and added our 3 domains to the list.

Now, when running heathcheck, we get the following warning:
[PASS] The Self Registration plugin is enabled.
[WARN] The self registration provider is: Email domain safe list.
[PASS] The deprecated self registration public setting was not found in /etc/passbolt/passbolt.php.

What can we do to bypass this warning?

Thanks for your help!


Hi @mskastler ,

the warning is more informational, there is nothing wrong with your setup. Would you rather have it displayed as an info, rather than a warning?

This is something we can add in the coming release.

Thank for the fast reply.

We run a monitoring system here and one of the tasks is to check the output of the passbolt healthcheck.
At the moment the systems is shown in state warning, allthogh I know, that the warning is informational.
It would be great to allow to show this warning as an information. Maybe you could add a paramenter to the configuration.

Thanks again for the great work!


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