How can I change the front end code of the password workspace?

I was under the impression that CE is Open Source but I’ve been searching all morning and I cannot find the source to the web interface. I found this archived repository:

But nothing more recent. It doesn’t appear to be either in:


<delinked becauase I’m a new user>://

What I’m looking for is the source code to this webpage here:

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Hi @timthelion,

The passbolt application is split accross multiple repository:

  • API: the server, all the api endpoints
  • Webextension: the webextension, all the buisiness logic (like storage, api calls, entity mapping, import/export, share and permissions algorithms, etc.)
  • Styleguide: all the front end code (html, css, and javascript in react), whether it’s served server side (like the administration settings) or client side (like the password or user workspaces). The styleguide is included as a NPM dependency in other projects. See. GitHub - passbolt/passbolt_styleguide: Passbolt styleguide

If you want to change the password workspace, you need to fork the styleguide and the webextension.

ps. renamed your thread to reflect what information you are looking for.

It looks like I was confused by the name styleguide. I though that repository would only have information for humans and not machines. I found the bit of code I was looking for there. Thank you.