How can I customize the frontend css?

I need to customize the frontend css to make the textareas resizable again. Since the update of the chrome extension tonight I can’t find where I can make these changes on the server, because the extension seems to serve a special css (ext_app.min.css).
Thanks for your help in advance!
Best regards, André

Hi @anli,

Currently it is not possible to modify the CSS on the server. The application is served in an iframe with CSS from the extension for security reason. If you want to modify the CSS you will need to rebuild the extension and load the modified extension in your browser.

However, we can revert back the change. We will edit the CSS and publish a fix in the next version. We’re waiting to see if there is more feedback with the v3, see if we can bundle it with other fixes. Would that work for you?


Hi @remy ,
OK, that’s a pity. However a fix would be great - we made the textareas higher (~10em) and resizable (both textareas especially for description in edit view and side view when clicking into the description).

Rebuilding the extension is not an optimal solution because we have ~20 hosts.

A fix is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot! Best regards, André

Hi @remy,
any news here? Thanks for info in advance!