How can I import users?

I am looking to roll this out to about 200 people. Can I import users?

Hi @skione,

Currently passbolt does not have an import user function however you have several options:

  • Build yourself a small bash script running server side that creates users using register_user command (see. ./bin/cake passbolt register_user --help)
  • Build yourself a small script that connects to the API and user the create user endpoint. See.
  • Synchronize user from LDAP (Passbolt Pro only atm)

Thank you for your response. I’ll likely use the bash method as it seems fastest. I was going to use the API but I think I’ll do this instead. Is there a feature board where I can request this? Seems like being able to import users would be a common feature request.

Yes you can create a new entry in under “backlog” category. It has not been requested yet I think.

Thanks again and wow that is kind of surprising.

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