How complete /mature is the CLI?

Hello there,

there was a question in this forum if the CLI supports updating items, but it’s been a while since.
How far is the CLI at this time? Which features does it have, which ones does it still lack in comparision to to browser-plugin?

Given, that both are written in JavaScript, I should assume, it should not be to difficult to extract the part that does the rest communication? (Yes, I know, it’s usually harder than it seems).

Hello @JanP,

At the moment the CLI supports login and read operations, so it’s sufficient as an example to build something simple.

If you need more complex example, like a create, edit or share the best is to look at the browser extension. We are currently heavily refactoring that part in the extension to be able to extract an SDK we will be able to use for the CLI (and that other people could use for other usages), which explains why there is not much progress there.

Thanks remy,

it’s good to hear work is under way. That SDK and the CLI are not mentioned on the roadmap, do you have a rough roadmap this feature?

Thanks a lot, you are doing a great job on promoting real end-to-end cryptography,



Thank you for your kind words. We do not provide estimates anymore on the roadmap. Currently our focus for the next few months are as follow:

  • Folders (almost done, currently in RC)
  • React migration (in progress)
  • Escrow (ability to set a group or user to share passwords with by default)
  • Advanced admin reports
  • Encrypted notes / addtional resource types (SSH keys, etc.)
  • Setup / login page redesign

Once we have completed these items we’ll move on to Mobile, SDK, etc.