How to create API key?

I can’t figure out how to generate api key step by step to create users via api

Maybe someone can give me a hint?

Hey @AkelllaQO welcome to the forum! We don’t have a traditional API key that you just make once and use. To use the API you are expected to authenticate fairly regularly.

Hello @clayton, thank you very much for the explanation!

Maybe there is a way to explain in more detail the whole process of invoking the API (and generating it)?

Could you let me know which step you are stuck on from that guide?

It is pretty thorough but not always the easiest to follow which is why I am asking

I generally want to understand the operation of this circuit

I don’t really want to just insert commands according to the instructions (which is basically what was done). That is, every time there will be a request for some action, it will be necessary to verify?

I’d have to double check for the exact timing but I believe the authentication is good for between 10 and 20 minutes. So you wouldn’t have to every time, but you’d likely want to.

Thank you so much!

You have helped me a lot!

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