How to create Multi group in tab Passwords and share password with all group?

Please guide me how to i can create group for Passwords ? Thanks

HI @lvhaow,

In order to create a group you must be logged in as an administrator, for example as the user that you created first during the the installation, then follow these steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Click on “users” in the top navigation
  3. Click on create button, this will open a contextual menu
  4. Click on “create group” in this contextual menu
  5. Fill in a a name and add a group manager and group members
  6. Click save

In order to share a password with a group:

  1. Log in or click on password in the top navigation
  2. Click on a password
  3. Click on the share button
  4. Start typing the name of the group in the text input
  5. Select a permission for that group
  6. Save

I hope this helps!

I want to create multiple group password , Ex: Group IT, Group Hr , Group Acc in tab Passwords . All items (Group IT, Group Hr, Group Acc, Favorite , Recently … ) . Please support for me.

You can create them one by one using the instructions above. Explain what is not clear.


  1. Create multiple group Items in tab Passwords (ex: Group Item HR, Group Item IT …)
  2. How to select multi items and share it to a group ?


  1. You need to create groups then assign passwords to the groups. You cannot create groups in the password tab.
  2. This feature is not available but it is on the roadmap: As a user I want to select multiple records and perform a bulk action these entries