How to import passwords from Dashlane?


My company currently uses Dashlane as a password manager. For some reasons we would like to change to Passbolt.
I successfully installed Passbolt and I now try to import the passwords I have in Dashlane into it.
I am able to export a CSV file from Dashlane but it can’t be imported in Passbolt (“This file is invalid and can’t be imported.”).

Is there already a way to convert a Dashlane CSV file into an importable Passbolt CSV file?


In order to move forward, I created a whole new CSV import file from my exported Dashlane file, using the 1Password format as described here.

Things seem to go well as far as there aren’t any double-quote or comma character in the imported fields.
For the comma, I tried to add double-quote around the value but “This file is invalid and can’t be imported.”
For the double-quote, I can’t escape it neither with a backslash nor with another double-quote : “This file is invalid and can’t be imported.”

Hello @JulienL,

Bellow a sample taking in account double-quote and comma.

"A,ccount1",account1,https://test.url,"P,4ssw0Rd!",Notes Account1,server
"A"ccount2",account2,https://test.url,P"4ssw0Rd!,Notes Account2,shell
"A"ccount3",account3,https://test.url,""P4ssw0Rd!",Notes Account3,shell

Hope it will help

Hi cedric,
Thank you for your answer.
I was surprised as I unsuccessfully tried to import passwords like this and I assume you tried your sample before answering.
So I put this sample in an Excel sheet that I saved as a CSV file and I couldn’t import the passwords.
When I put it in a notepad file saved as a CSV, import is OK.
I guess, as usual, Excel does something with the data we give it, and this something prevented me to import properly the passwords…
Anyway, thanks again for your help !