How to move a password in a Folder?

I used the community edition fo a while, I just updated to Pro and now I’d like to move the already inserted accounts in a folder.
I can create folders and add new accounts bot I don’t know how to move the passwords inside.


Hi @Spal,

You can select the resource in the password workspace and drag/drop them in the folders on the left.
You can see it in the video here:

OK, I think I have a problem, when I try to drag a password the folders disappear

Hello @Spal,

You might have database integrity issues. Can you run the following command from your passbolt folder in order to fix them if any: su -s /bin/bash -c "./bin/cake passbolt cleanup" www-data

For further support, as pro customer you can contact us directly on support(at)

It worked, Thank you