Htaccess credentials via passbold


How can I manage with your browser extension (ff and chrome) htaccess passwords?
Both are not able to handle them, as I can see.

cheers Thomas

Hi @thomasz Welcome to the forum!

Can you clarify which htaccess passwords are you meaning? Do you mean the authentication form which appears due to htaccess settings? This was taken from my phone, but you get the idea… Like this one:

If so, maybe you are indicating the passbolt in-form feature does not work? Copying and pasting from the extension menu is always an option.


I mean the browser access notification like that image shows you.
Under Chrome Desktop oder Firefox and so on.

They appear if you make a htaccess file:
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /path/to/.htpasswd
Require valid-user


It’s my understanding this form is from the browser itself instead of a web page that contains an in-page form. If it were an in-page form the extension could interact with it. The extension will recognize you are at the right URL - the red Passbolt extension icon shows a “1” over it. But in a scenario like this I believe that is the limit of interactivity.

However, the extension has clipboard icons which can be used to copy the username/password for this site.

  • When arriving at the site, select the suggested password resource in the extension
  • in the details for that resource you will see the clipboards on the far right of the extension window

Good Morning, yes technically I know the reason :wink: But I was not sure if that browser extension can handle it anyway with a trick or something else. Thank you for your support and have a good time

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You’re welcome! It’s not specifically a passbolt limitation, it’s just outside of the scope of what extensions are able to do.

of course no limitation. but maybe someone would have a nice idea about it :smiley: anyway I love that tool and will using it