HTML Mail will show only HTML Code / Save not working


I have installed passbolt v2.0.1

When i make a new password i get an email but my mailclient only shows the html code.
(Mail v6.6)
Account Recovery Mails looks fine.

I looked into the HTML Mail Code from the Recovery Mail but cant find a difference (except the content :wink: )

Under Firefox 48.02 i cant make a User Group. When i hit save nothing happens.
The same when i try to create new Password entry. When i hit Save nothing happens.


Hello @Falk,

Are you a time traveler ? :smile:
Your issues are all related to the versions of the software you are using.

Could you update at least Firefox to its latest version, at least an ESR ?
For the email client, I guess it will be difficult for you to update your OSX version.




thanks for your fast answer.
I solved my Problem with the Browser Waterfox. (
I cant update my osx because of invests. Macosx is such a trap :frowning:

Now i run into another Problem.

I have a group of users and tried to delete one user from the group.
by accident i deleted the user insted of take him out of the group.
after that i recreated the user (same name and same email) but now i cant add a new user to the usergroup!

and another user i created cant finish to first login.

while he answerd the questions at the same time on another computer it was started a recover with that email.
now its impossible to finish the account.

how can i solve this 2 new problems?

maybe i found the first answer: